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Are you ready to upgrade your home to a smart system?

Are you ready to upgrade your home to a smart system? We can help. We specialize in all kinds of internet-based camera systems such as Google Nest and Ring Systems but can also install CCTV cameras with offline recording. Contact us for any questions.

  • The Nest Doorbell
  • Google’s Nest security cameras
  • Indoor Cams
  • Google’s Nest Wifi
  • Alarms
  • Wall Mount Cams
  • The Learning Thermostat
  • Outdoor Cams
  • Floodlight Cams
  • Video Doorbell


With many of us relying on deliveries for everything from groceries to beds, it’s important to keep an eye on our doorsteps. The Nest Doorbell replaces your home’s analog hardware, and streams video right to your phone, tablet, or smart display (even Amazon ones!). There are both battery-powered and wired-only Doorbell models, but we recommend going with the former ― it’s more recent, still has a wired option, and can keep recording for an hour after power and internet access go out.


Google’s Nest security cameras are nearly as popular as its thermostats. There are indoor and outdoor versions, both of which offer a 1080p video feed, a 130-degree field of view (technically, 135 degrees for the indoor model), and detection of motion, people, vehicles, and animals. They’ll keep recording for an hour if they lose Wi-Fi.


The Learning Thermostat optimizes heating and cooling systems, ultimately paying for itself by saving money on your power bill. You can set a schedule or, as its name implies, let it learn from common manual adjustments. You’ll see a green leaf on screen whenever you’re using a power-efficient setting. Nest’s flagship is one of the simplest smart thermostats on the market. Its round shape is aesthetically pleasing, too, and you can choose colors like black, white, steel, or brass to match your décor. It’s one of the few Nest products that’s natively compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.


A continual challenge with any smart home is keeping every device online. For many people, Google’s Nest Wifi should do the trick. It’s a mesh router, which means you can add “points” that improve coverage in rooms (or entire floors) with weak wi-fi connections. Every point doubles as a Google Assistant smart speaker, though you’ll still want dedicated audio output if you care about fidelity. If you do dive in, we strongly recommend choosing one of Google’s point bundles, since there’s not much benefit to buying just the router. The current Nest Wifi doesn’t support Wi-Fi 6, which is both faster and capable of more simultaneous connections. If you don’t have a lot of Wi-Fi devices, though, the Nest Wifi is easy to use and delivers plenty of bang for the buck.

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  • All of Ring’s standard tech has a simple white cover with the signature blue LED ring. The ring of light on the sensors illuminates when they catch motion or the system is armed.
  • We like the minimalist look of Ring’s equipment (you probably recognize its popular doorbell), and the chime feature on the door/window sensor is comforting to hear when you come home.
  • In the beginning, Ring offered roughly the same package in three sizes that just offered a basic base, keypad, range extender, and differing amounts of sensors.
  • The company now has a wider selection of security options since it introduced the Pro series of security systems in the second half of 2021.
  • The Ring Alarm Pro series features a TrueMesh Eero Wi-Fi6 router and 24/7 backup internet to keep your Ring security system working when your internet is disconnected, and local storage for your security cameras.
  • Some Pro and not-Pro packages also come with an Alexa device, Ring Video Doorbell, or a Ring camera.